Sushi La Ramen At Shiro

On a hot summer night we ventured to Shiro for a taste of their new menu “Ramen & Sushi Trails.” The sushi we were ready for. Shiro has been known for their sushi menu. But Ramen at Shiro, we were a little weary about.

Chef Priyank greeted us and immediately put us at ease, “Ramen isn’t a very popular dish amongst Indians,” he told Explocity, “Shiro which is in its 10th year has a ramen menu for the first time.”

Ramen,” Chef continues, “originated in China and then moved to Japan. It became a popular dish in Japan.”

In the start of what seems like a very hot summer why was a dish like ramen tried for the first time at Shiro. Ramen is a wholesome bowl of meat, noodles, vegetables and soup. It is a quick and easy dish and is popular all year round for its wholesomeness.

The menu took about four months to plan and involved a lot of experimenting. Chef Priyank likes to find the origin of flavours when he cooks. He likes to pack a punch in his menus and loves bold flavours. So he took to Korean kimchi and made a spiced broth ramen served with tofu, chicken or pork belly. The pungent flavours of the pickled cabbage and sometimes spinach is the dish on the menu that most resembles Indian cuisine.

But Chef Priyank isn’t that concerned about catering to the Indian - or Bangalorean - palette. Having worked in Bangalore for eight years and about 10 years in the US, he sees that Bangaloreans are more open to experimenting with food. Aside from a developed palate that probably comes from a more travelled people, Chef says that Bangaloreans are also loyal patrons. It is why Shiro is one of JSM’s most successful brands and is going strong even after 10 years.

The menu has a lot of bold flavours. Ingredients like truffle mushrooms and sweet potato are used to to add bold and opposing flavours to dishes like the Crispy Sweet Potato Tempura Maki and Spicy Shoyu Mushroom Ramen. These ingredients are add a bold texture to the food by adding a crunch when fried, creamy when pureed or just melt in the mouth when cooked in truffle oil.

Other dishes on the menu include Miso Tempura Kakiage Ramen, Sriracha Seafood Samurai Ramen and Spicy Chicken Laksa Ramen. Sushi on the menu is Truffled Mushrooms $ Cream Cheese Maki, Asian Barbecue Scottish Salmon Sushi, Seared Ponzu Tuna Sushi with Beetroot Relish and Rock Shrimp Tempura.

Where: Shiro

When: All March, 2017

Chef recommends: Rock Shrimp Tempura, Korean Kimchi Ramen and Demerara Fig Mojito

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