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The Mango Season Is Upon Bangalore Again

The mango season is upon and us so is lots of coconut water, shorts and tanks tops,. Move over bananas.

Alphonso, hapoos, banganapalli, langada, daseheri, badami – the markets waft is now the sweet aroma of India’s most beloved fruit. Cut it in chunks, eat in strips, even suck on it; there are so many ways to enjoy mangoes. And if you don’t want to cut it and cook it yourself, head to a restaurant because they are all about the mango.

In Bangalore we have a notoriously short summer, so make good while you can.

“Mango is a versatile fruit and whether raw or ripe adds a lot of flavour to any dish,” says Chef Vikas Seth, Executive Chef, Sanchez told Explocity, “It’s a very popular summer fruit and always has been a great hit with our customers.”

The Mango Season Is Upon Bangalore Again

Sanchez’sMangolicioussummer menu has dishes like live guacamole with mango. The Mango Ceviche is a very healthy and vibrant mix of catch of the fish cubes, mango, tomato, cucumber, onions, jalapenos, mint, lime juice, citrus zest and avocado cubes. They have even introduced mango in their salsa which adds that extra zing to it. Non-vegetarians can try the Mango and Pulled Chicken Chimichangas while vegetarians can savour the Mango, Charred Pineapple and Queso Fresco Chimichangas for appetizers. The Jalapeno Mango Nachos combines the sweetness of the fruit with spice from jalapenos.

Of all the restaurants in town, here are a few notable mentions:

Fatty Bao’s mangoes-on-steroids menu includes Mango Pudding With Coconut Ice Cream, pistachio sponge, mango passion fruit gel, milk meringue is an interpretation of the very popular Thai street food dessert of coconut and rice pudding with fresh mangoes. Also Mango Cremeux that is black sesame sponge, raspberry sorbet, green tea crumble, sesame nougatine, raspberry gel, with Matcha green tea flavour and black sesame.

The Mango Season Is Upon Bangalore Again

The Monkey Bar wrote to Explocity and told us about Mango Unchained: six drinks made with fresh mangoes. Like M Passion (run, mango juice, passion fruit and a dash of bitters). Mango-Rita, a creamy, frozen cocktail with tequila, fresh mango and fresh kiwi rimmed with powdered chili. Monkey Shake (Nutella shake with fresh mango) and Mango Lassi Kulfi.

Khandani Rajdhani’s mango squeeze has dishes like Mango Malabari Kadhi, Kairi Chana Dal, Kairi Samosa ki Sabji and Aamras, Mango Jalebi and Amrakhand.

The Mango Season Is Upon Bangalore Again


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