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The Return Of The Tiger Trail Since 1981

The Return Of The Tiger Trail Since 1981

In 1981 Tiger Trail opened its door at the then Harsha Hotel. The city craved authentic North Indian food. And Tiger Trails delivered.

The Ramada took over the hotel and Tiger Trail remained. Serving food from India’s tiger territory, the Return Of The Tiger Trail is the restaurant’s new version and pays tribute to the majestic cat.

The entrance to the restaurant has tiger paw indentations on the floor that lead to the interior that is decorated like a woody jungle lodge. The trail of the tiger could be from Bengal, Rajasthan or Karnataka, all the cuisines that are featured on the menu.

Rajasthani Laal Maas, Chingri Maacher Malai Curry from Bengal, Kabini Chicken Curry, are some of the dishes on the menu. The breads served along with these are varied. Stuffed and flat breads are in an assorted bread basket with Sheermal, Ajwaini Naan, Chironji Naan. These are not commonly found on other menus in the city.

The restaurant has a strong policy to steer clear of the buffet style of dining. Instead they conceptualised thalis, especially for tiger trail. The vegetarian and non- vegetarian thalis come with a combination of dishes from Bengal, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Vegetables, curries, flat breads, rice, and yogurt make the thali. Desserts are Kubani Ka Meetha, Kulfi Falooda, Gulab Jamun and more.

The Return Of The Tiger Trail has a Tiger Den, the bar. Cocktails, beer pitchers, straight shooters, wines and liquors are available in domestic and international brands.

The Return Of The Tiger Trail has attempted the same dedication to North Indian food in the city.

At Ramada, Shivajinagar.

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