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We Don’t Have A Big Summer But We Bangaloreans Complain

The fact that the hottest day of the year happened in the late 80s (1880s) and the fact that for a good part of the summer, Bangalore’s maximum is Delhi’s minimum, does not stop us from complaining.

And taking to “cooling” drinks and foods - because last year, our maximum temperatures were almost as high as New York City’s.

Still wimpishness is relative and we can only judge how hot it is now, by how cool it is otherwise. So we turn to chilled bottles of water, to buttermilk and tender coconut water as our winge go tos.

At Carrots, a vegan restaurant, the kefirs keep patrons cool. The most popular summer drink there is the Organic Water Kefir. This fermented beverage is super rich in beneficial probiotics and has excellent detoxifying properties. It is brewed in house and they currently serve Classic and Ginger-Raisin version. Speaking to Explocity, the kefir expert at Carrots, Vijay, suggested that tempting as they are, avoid dairy products and processed sugary drinks. “Choose fruit infused natural beverages to quench that thirst,” he offered.

Summer cocktails

Sly Granny’s summer cocktail menu was inspired by the prohibition era in the United States. Chef Varun Perira’s picks from this include the Aviation with Gin, Lemon juice and maraschino cherry syrup and the Prohibition Punch with Dark Rum, Sparkling wine, Passion Fruit, Cranberry juice and Lemon juice. And here are some of his tips to stay cool this season. “Stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids like water, coconut water,” he told Explocity, “eat fruits like watermelon, melons, oranges, more salads and less heavier foods like fried food. Eat veggies with high water content like cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash. Leafy salads help in cooling body. Drink lots of lemonade as lemons help cool the body.”

Smokehouse Deli’s special drinks menu will focus on cool such as cocktails like Aam Panna, Watermelon cubes, mint leaves and mango juice and iced teas with chia seeds, cucumber and basil. Saurabh Arora, City Chef for SHD has some interesting tips. “Prefer salads, summer sprouts, smoothies as a healthier alternative over junk/fried food,” he said, “drink lots of fluids- water, infused water, fresh fruit Juices, coconut water and include ingredients like seasonal fruits (watermelon, muskmelon) chia seeds, yogurt, cucumber etc.

We Don’t Have A Big Summer But We Bangaloreans Complain

Other honourable mentions include Fatty Bao’s series of Cool Down Cocktails.They offer cooling cocktails like Fatty Sandy (watermelon and fresh lime juice) and Jalapeno Daisy (cucumber with basil). Sanchez at UB City has the Agua Fresca (fresh or cool water), a light drink perfect for the season, also known as Spanish cool water.

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