What is Kilikoodu

Kilikoodu is a savoury dish from Kerala. Popular in Malabar cuisine, this little cutlet like dish is an Iftar favourite. They are delicious enough to be had after Ramzan for Eid as well.

Loosely translated, the word means a birds nest, specifically sparrow’s nest.

The dish is made from potatoes, carrots and onions that are mashed together and then mixed with spices and coriander. This is then coated with breadcrumbs and vermicelli and deep fried. This gives Kilikoodu a nice crunch which, let’s face it, is what a good snack really is: deep fried and crunchy.

No iftar dish worth its salt doesn’t have a non-vegetarian version. Chicken can be incorporated into the mixture, or pretty much any meat.  Eggs used to mainly bind the cutlets before deep frying.


Image credits: pinterest

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