Tribute to Coldplay - Ft The Spies

Hard Rock Cafe Whitefield

Tribute to Coldplay - Ft The Spies

Bar & Restaurant |

Hard Rock Cafe Whitefield | Ground Floor, Ascendas Park Square Mall, Whitefield Road |

Jan 25 | 9 p.m.

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About Tribute to Coldplay - Ft The Spies

“Spies" is a tribute band that started when four musician friends from three different bands decided to perform their favourite Coldplay songs. There’s Dharvish who is the drummer for Mad Orange Fireworks, Uvais & Anand on lead guitar and piano from the Rock band Dark Light, and John on bass and lead vocals from the pop band Fernandes. Covering Coldplay’s earliest hits to some of their latest songs, Spies band will enthral you with their renditions of the songs you also know and love.