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Saturday 20 July 2019
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Bangalore City MLAs

Bangalore City MLAs

List Of Bangalore City MLAs – Karnataka Election 2018

This is the revised list of Bangalore City MLAs from the 28 constituencies of Bangalore. This list has been compiled from various sources.

A reading of our article, Karnataka Election Bangalore Constituencies 2018 Winners (click here), will reveal that the mandate of the Bangalore constituencies clearly favoured the Congress. This article (click here) provides some interesting perspectives.

Updated list of Bangalore City MLAs

The following table was most recently updated on 13 June 2018.

B T M LayoutRamalinga ReddyCongress
Bangalore SouthKrishnappa MBJP
BasavanagudiRavi Subramanya L ABJP
BommanahalliSathish Reddy MBJP
ByatarayanapuraKrishna Byre GowdaCongress
C V Raman NagarS RaghuBJP
ChamrajpetZameer Ahmed Khan B ZCongress
ChickpetUday GarudacharBJP
DasarahalliR ManjunathaJDS
GandhinagarDinesh Gundu RaoCongress
GovindrajnagarV SomannaBJP
HebbalByrati SureshCongress
HosakoteMTB NagarajuCongress
JayanagarSowmya ReddyCongress
K R PuramBasavaraja B ACongress
MahadevpuraAravind LimbavaliBJP
Mahalakshmi LayoutK GopalaiahJDS
MalleshwaramDr Ashwath Narayan C NBJP
PadmanabhanagarAshoka RBJP
PulakeshinagarAkhanda Srinivasa Murthy RCongress
RajajinagarS Suresh KumarBJP
Rajarajeshwari NagarN MunirathnaCongress
Sarvagna NagarK J GeorgeCongress
ShanthinagarN A HarisCongress
ShivajinagarR Roshan BaigCongress
VijayanagarM KrishnappaCongress
YelahankaS R ViswanathBJP
YeshwanthpurS T SomashekarCongress

**Vijayakumar B N  of the Jayanagar constituency passed away just before the elections. (According to a report in Times Of India, Bangalore May 04, 2018.

On 31 May 2018, Munirathna, 49, of the Congress won the Rajarajeshwarinagar  constituency by defeating his rival Muniraju Gowda of the BJP by over 40,000 votes. The election in this constituency was held later than the 12 May 2018 polling date, when authorities discovered thousands of fake voter IDs relating to the constituency.

Bangalore City MLAs

MLA and Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao speaks at a function


About the Karnataka Legislative Assembly

The Karnataka Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the bicameral legislature of Karnataka state in southern India. Karnataka is one of the seven states in India, where the state legislature is bicameral, comprising two houses. The two houses are the Vidhana Sabha (lower house) and the Vidhana Parishat (upper house).

The members of the Vidhana Sabha are directly elected by people through adult franchise. The members of the Vidhana Parishat are elected indirectly by members of local bodies, teachers and graduates.

There are 75 members of the Vidhana Parishat. Members of the Vidhana Parishat or Legislative Council normally have a term of six years, and are generally known as MLCs.

There are 224 members of the Vidhana Sabha or the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka state. One member is a representative of the Anglo-Indian community nominated by the Governor of Karnataka. The state of Karnataka is divided into 225 constituencies used to elect the Legislative assembly.

The next Assembly elections are scheduled for May 12, 2018. Check this page for an updated list of MLA following announcement of results, the deadline for announcement being May 18, 2018. Ballot counting is scheduled for 15 May, 2018. Check this site for a list of candidates:

UPDATE: List of winners of the Bangalore constituencies:



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  1. Should address. Among other things (road,garbage, traffic, safety etc) urban storm water flooding problems. Get outside the box ideas to avoidloss of life more than loss of property and sssets. Concerned agencies should not limit advice/inputs from known consultants.There are many who can suggest innovative ideas.

  2. Anand Singh is a MLA of Vijayanagar (Hospete) constituency which comes under bellari district. In Bangalore Vijayanagar constituency MLA is Priya Krishna.

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