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Tuesday 13 November 2018
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Karnataka Election Bangalore Constituencies 2018 Winners

Karnataka Election Bangalore Constituencies

This is a list of Karnataka Election Bangalore Constituencies winners in 2018. As the table shows, the Congress won the city both by votes and number of seats. The table below lists the winners declared in the various constituencies.

(This article is about election results. The updated list of current MLAs from Bangalore can is maintained here.)

Update: On 31 May 2018, Munirathna, 49, of the Congress won the Rajarajeshwarinagar  constituency by defeating his rival Muniraju Gowda of the BJP by over 40,000 votes. The election in this constituency was held later than the 12 May 2018 polling date, when authorities discovered thousands of fake voter IDs relating to the constituency.

List of winners of Bangalore MLA seats

Constituency Party Winning Candidate Votes Margin Incumbent
Anekal INC B.SHIVANNA 113,894 8,627
B.T.M Layout INC Ramalingareddy 67,085 20,478 Ramalingareddy
Bangalore South BJP Krishnappa M 152,469 30,417 Krishnappa M
Basavanagudi BJP Ravi Subramanya L A 76,018 38,009 Ravi Subramanya L A
Bommanahalli BJP Sathish Reddy M 111,863 47,162 Sathish Reddy M
Byatarayanapura INC Krishna Byre Gowda 114,964 5,671 Krishna Byre Gowda
C.V. Raman Nagar BJP Raghu S 58,887 12,227 Raghu S
Chamrajapet INC Zameer Ahmed Khan B Z 65,339 33,137 Zameer Ahmed Khan B Z
Chickpet BJP UDAY GARUDACHAR 57,312 7,934 Devraj R V
Dasarahalli JDS R.MANJUNATHA 94,044 10,675 Muniraju S
Gandhinagar INC Dinesh Gundu Rao 47,354 10,070 Dinesh Gundu Rao
Govindarajanagar BJP V SOMANNA 79,135 11,375 Priya Krishna
Hebbal INC BYRATI SURESH 74,453 21,140 Y A Narayanaswamy
Jayanagar Vijayakumar B N (deceased)
K.R. Pura INC Basavaraja B A 135,404 32,729 Basavaraja B A
Mahadevapura BJP Aravind Limbavali 141,682 17,784 Aravind Limbavali
Mahalakshmi Layout JDS Gopalaiah K 88,218 41,100 Gopalaiah K
Malleshwaram BJP Dr Ashwath Narayan C N 83,130 54,000 Dr Ashwath Narayan C N
Padmanabanagar BJP Ashoka R 77,868 32,166 Ashoka R
Pulakeshinagar INC Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy R 97,574 81,626 Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy R
Rajajinagar BJP S Suresh Kumar 56,271 9,453 S Suresh Kumar
Rajarajeshwarinagar Munirathna
Sarvagnannagar INC George K J 109,955 53,304 George K J
Shantinagar INC Haris N A 60,009 18,205 Haris N A
Shivajinagar INC Roshan Baig R 59,742 15,040 Roshan Baig R
Vijayanagar INC M KRISHNAPPA 73,353 2,775 Priya Krishna
Yelahanka BJP Viswanath S R 120,110 42,503 Viswanath S R
Yeshwanthapura INC Somashekar S T 115,273 10,711 Somashekar S T

Interesting stats from Karnataka Election Bangalore Constituencies results

  • The (INC) Congress won most of the Bangalore constituencies both in terms of seats and votes.
  • Bangaloreans re-elected 20 out of 25 MLAs from the list. Clearly, the incumbents were favoured. (The names in CAPS are newly elected Bangalore MLAs.)
  • The average voter turnout was 55%.
  • The highest voter turnout was Anekal with 64%
  • The lowest voter turnout was Dasarahalli with 48%
  • Voter turnout in the core Bangalore constituencies was in the low to mid 50s.
  • The BJP won 4 out of the 6 South Bangalore seats.

karnataka election bangalore seats

Distribution of votes and seats won

Party Votes % Votes Seats % Seats
BJP 1,014,745 44% 11 42%
INC 1,134,399 49% 13 50%
JDS 182,262 8% 2 8%
 Totals 2,331,406   26  

The Karnataka Election Bangalore Constituencies results were not surprising with voters from Bangalore, the state capital, apparently favouring the Congress party.

Info source:  Creative Commons License Creative Commons. Pics of party leaders appeared in NewsX IND.

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