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How Not To Resist International Dessert Day

Saturday, 14th October is International Dessert Day. And resistance is futile. Especially when people like the corporate chef of Foodhall - that delectable destination on the top floor of 1MG Road Mall - talks about “...adding new dimensions using fusion”.

Seriously? Like we dessert junkies needed new dimension. Old dimensions do us just as well, but just as we decide we have enough of donuts and croissants, they go and reel us back in with a cronut, the hate child of aforementioned pastries.

"The basic desserts still exist," Olivier Vincenot, Corporate Chef, Foodhall told Explocity, "but they have been relooked by adding new dimensions  using fusion, such as the addition of spices and layers."

Trends in vogue - think cupcake, cronuts, rainbow cake, raindrop cake - notwithstanding, Vincenot said there are some that have stood the test of time like Opera, Charlotte, Black Forest cake, Fresh fruit and Cream cake and Butter Cream cakes. 

Foodhall has a spread this International Dessert. They have classic cakes such as the opera, Black Forest, the praline cake and they have “more sophisticated” cakes such as Raspberry Delice. "We also provide also on the go desserts or pre packed desserts, he says. "When everything is quick and everyone is on the ball, it is nice to have easy to carry, small, enough for one dessert to satisfy your dessert fix." 

How Not To Resist International Dessert Day

Some of the most popular desserts at Foodhall include the Forest Fusion cake, which has a whole lot of chocolate and a whole lot of cream and is topped with cherries. The Fresh Fruit éclair brings together the freshness of of seasonal fruits that lift up the choux pastry with a slight crunchiness. Sweet, tart, soft and crunch all in one bite. For tea cake lovers (is there such a tribe?) there are - hold on - special tea cakes. These simple and elegant  tea cakes make elegant gifs. (Rochers and Florentines with their fruits and nuts - these being condiments and not people - are also popular as festive gifting items.)

And they’re trapped in a glass cage at Foodhall saying plaintively, “Tiramisu… tiramisu…”