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Black Will Always Be The New Black

They say the only thing constant in the world is change itself. In the fashion world, a similar opinion is held about the colour black. It never goes out of style and you can never go wrong when you wear it. While all other trends take turns to make a comeback, we find that black is one trend that will always stay on top.

A flurry of prints and colours has been taking over the city. Sporting a single print from head to toe stopped being ‘so cool’ quite some time back. It’s also safe to say that all of us have at least one thing in our wardrobe that is neon in colour.

Clearly, we’ve been having an overdose of colour. And these trends are all the more reason people fall back on black.

In January of this year, Harper’s Bazaar New York wrote about how black is the new black. The writer says that now is the time for black to be considered fashion forward. She goes on to quote a fashion director who rightly says that black and white are now acting like palate cleansers.

Bangalore fashion guru, Prasad Bidapa, agrees.

“You know this question comes up year after year and the answer is always the same. Black is the new black. It can never go out of style,” he says. “And a lot of people in Bangalore are fat, so black is a good colour for them. I always say wear black and bling because bling takes off a few kilos,” he adds with a laugh.

Despite that dig at the heavier side of the city’s population, Bidapa’s fashion forecast couldn’t be more apt.

Bangalore based designer, Manoviraj Khosla shares a similar sentiment with the classic hue. “Black is always going to be there. It’s never going to go away. There will always be a black element in something you wear. Even if there are colours, they will be paired with a black or a floral print will be on a black background,” he says.

But black doesn’t have to mean basic. Varying textures, silhouettes, patterns and fabrics allow for a playful use of the colour.

“A lot of embellishments, Swarovski crystals, sequins, lace - a lot can be done with black,” says Khosla.

Recently, the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour made a stop in the city. Designers like Rocky S showcased their latest collection on the ramp. And taking from this Bollywood fashion favourite’s line, it’s evident that black is the predominant colour of the season. His collection that featured the use of elements like sequins and mesh added just the right amount of drama.

However, for those of you who want to steer away from black, Bidapa says that the alternative would be navy. Owing to the fact that Bangalore has a large corporate workforce, he says that navy is a good bet. “No one is really going to go to work wearing a rani pink, you know,” he says.

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Even as we write this article, the trends in the fashion world are changing. The fast paced industry is hard to keep up with but when black itself is declared as the new black; it certainly makes it easier for everyone to stay in style.

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