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Chef Vijay Kamat Believes It’s Always The Season For Desserts

The sous chef for baking and pastry at the Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore, Vijay Kamat believes it’s always the season for desserts. In conversation with Explocity:

Why Baking?

I entered the industry with Italian cooking, during my early years of training. The interest in baking grew parallely, and three years into it, I decided to take it up as my major course in the profession.

And how long has it been since?

14 years. 9 years of being a full time pastry chef. Ten hotels so far, and I have the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs at leading restaurants. Along the way, I have created some signature dishes. It's been a fabulous journey so far.

Are you originally from Bangalore?

I'm from Bihar. My brother and I got into the profession with great interest, and my initial days of training brought me to Bangalore – sometime in 2005? I have travelled the country since; worked with several of the Taj hotels while at it. But the heart brought me back to Bengaluru, earlier this year.

What's on the chef's baked platter at Vivanta this Christmas?

We are sticking to the traditions with our Christmas baking. Plum cakes, Cinnamon Star Cookies, Stollen and Panetonne Pudding, have been favourites of the season for years now.

Any special offerings from your own personal favourites?

Banana Toffee Pie. It was one of the very first pies I learnt to bake, and have come to make my very own special version of it. It also remains one of my favourite desserts of all time.

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