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Do You Know Your Pasta Shapes

You know penne and spaghetti. But do you know all the pasta shapes? There is a bow one, there is a curly one. What are those called? As an afterthought, you remember macaroni because of the famous macaroni and cheese.
That brings us to the next point. Pasta is not just about the shapes. Each shape also has a typical sauce that it pairs nicely with. For instance, did you know the Bolognese isn’t typically served with spaghetti? The sauce rolls off the round, pipelike spaghetti. The tagliatelle or the pappardelle are flat pastas that allow the sauce to be picked up with the pasta.
Here is a quick guide to pasta shapes as well as the sauces that best go with it. There are over 350 different types of pastas but don’t be intimidated. This guide shows you the ones you need to remember.


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