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The Flying Squirrel And The Nitro Coffee Bean

At The Flying Squirrel - described as a micro roastery and café  - the large glass wall lets the sun shine through the cafe and light up the spacious bar. This bar, whose founding partner Ashish D’Abreo is extremely proud of and loves to stand behind, is a coffee bar. Arabica, robusta, and blends are freshly roasted and brewed here each day. It almost feels like dining at your sunny breakfast table in your own home, (if only you had a sunny breakfast table in your own home.)

In Koramangala, beautiful bungalows that once graced the main street have been converted to restaurants or shops. Some are both. Each building has many floors and each floor is one such cafe, bar, shop or restaurant. How do they all survive, we old Bangaloreans ask.

By offering something different? Anyway, that’s what The Flying Squirrel tries to do with the passion by which they make and serve coffee. Their coffee is grown in a single estate in Coorg by third generation farmers and also stored there to maintain the climate necessary to preserve the flavour. Every day these beans travel to the cafe where they are roasted and readied to serve. Their coffee is grown organically and served fresh. And to add to the uniqueness, they serve something called nitro coffee.

Nitro coffee is fresh espresso made with their blend of arabica and robusta and then pumped with nitrogen to give it a beer like head-and-mouth feel. It is often compared to a stout for this reason.

The cafe in Koramangala serves up some nice food too. They use all parts of the coffee plant, like the burnt bark of the tree, to make the Coffee Wood Smoked Caesar Salad. They feature healthy dishes like Millet Lasagne, Overnight Oats, and desserts that are minimally sweetened. (We wonder if upstairs neighbour, Gold’s Gym, will get many guilt-sign ups from The Flying Squirrel patrons.)

D’Abreo is ready to dispense lessons about coffee. About the aroma, the bean, the blend. His starting point would be “Clouds In My Coffee”, his go to cup.

At The Flying Squirrel.

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