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Bangalore Comic Con: Breaking Conventions

Bangaloreans witnessed their first ever Annual Bangalore Comics Convention (popularly known as Comic Con) on June 1 and 2. A shorter version called the Comic Con Express was held last year and had a turnout of around 35,000 with 65 exhibitors. This year though Comic Con recorded a turnout of more than 60,000 comic book lovers and people from the general public as well, with 75 exhibitors setting up comics and merchandise for sales.

Technology was the order of the day, with a large number of digital publishing companies showcasing their apps, tools and software to assist comic publishing - some even enabling young and talented comic creators to make their own comics.

The most popular aspect as always was the Cos Play. Several enthusiasts wore costumes of their favourite comic characters. The most common were The Joker, Batman, Captain Haddock (Tintin) and one even saw a few Zombies wading through the crowd.

The Comic Con also brought out nostalgia with one of the fans dressing up as Chacha Choudhary (a popular Indian comic character) and one exhibitor selling old, vintage comics (Phantom, Mandrake The Magician and Champak).

The Cos Play winner on day one was Nadir who dressed up as Iron Man and the winner on day two was Arun Sharma who dressed up as Mr Tumnus (from The Chronicles Of Narnia). Both won a bunch of comics, merchandise and a holiday to Goa.