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BBMP Faces Garbage Woes On The Eve Of Sankranthi

As the city’s markets flood with items like fruits, vegetables and flowers, the BBMP is facing problems of increased littering by both vendors and buyers.
Lacking sufficient manpower and strained for resources to handle garbage on its own, BBMP officials have concentrated all their energies at Ground Zero — the KR Market, the main trading hotbed, while leaving the other markets to the mercy of contractors to whom it has outsourced the job.

According to BBMP Commissioner N Lakshminarayana, the biggest pressure point for BBMP is KR Market. “Our concentration is focused here. I have issued orders to deploy additional staff and vehicles for cleaning KR Market. This time we will not have much problem because every Monday a special cleaning drive is undertaken at KR Market,” he said.

However, citizens are not buying this argument. They observe that every year market areas and road sides become dumping yards with garbage lying for days and weeks unattended. The contractors and BBMP pourakarmikas do little to clear the mounds with cattle, street dogs and other animals feasting on the piled up garbage.

Reproduced from Deccan Herald