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BBMP To Impose Fines On Posters In Public Spaces

After turning a blind eye to the increasing number of film posters and political banners for around five years, the BBMP has now decided to impose heavy fines on movie producers and political parties in an effort to “earn some revenue.”

BBMP Commissioner N Lakshminarayan conceded that there had been “some leniency” in implementing the order. “Whenever it comes to our notice, we remove the posters and hoardings. But looking at the increasing number, we are thinking of heavily penalising film producers and companies,” he said. “Political parties will be dealt with similarly. Public spaces are not meant for advertising. This will help us earn some revenue and solve some of our financial problems.”

Thomas D’Souza, Secretary of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, admitted that the posters were back despite a ban, but expressed helplessness in discouraging them.

“The BBMP should not penalise us because sticking up posters is one of the cheapest ways of advertising for films of smaller budgets. I agree the rules are being violated but penalty can be avoided. The rates charged by BBMP for the hoardings are very high. Hence, many are forced to resort to such cheap advertising acts. We request the BBMP to allow Kannada films to be advertised on hoardings free of cost, while other films in languages can be charged,” said D’Souza.

Reproduced from Deccan Herald
Picture source: techsangam.com