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Bus Fares Hiked For Diwali

Bus operators have raised fares by two to three times due to the upcoming four-day weekend.

A bus ticket to Hyderabad, which normally costs around Rs 800 to Rs 1,000, now costs up to Rs 3,000. Fares to Chennai and Mumbai have doubled.

Travel operator Goose Store said bookings for AC buses over this weekend started in September itself. Kavi Arasu from SLV Travels said one such ticket to Mumbai was booked for Rs 3,000, thrice the usual fare. . "Around 80 per cent buses were already full by mid-October. The remaining seats are booked now," he said.

KSRTC, though, has said that their fares would be the same as earlier, though commuters may have to pay a bit extra for special buses.

From November 1 (Rajyothsava) to November 4 (Bali Padyami), most offices will be shut which has led to many people taking leave from Tuesday itself. But as a result, trains are almost full, air-fares are soaring and bus operators have also hiked prices.

Reproduced from Bangalore Mirror