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City Police Launches Initiative To Rate Auto Drivers

Bangalore’s traffic police have launched an initiative that allows passengers to rate autorickshaw drivers. The initiative is called Sugama Savari. The initiative is expected to help the police identify errant auto drivers.

Passengers can leave their evaluation of the driver’s behaviour and driving on the traffic police website. If the feedback is positive, the driver will be given a sticker saying his vehicle is a ‘Sugama auto’.

Similarly, the police have also launched a ‘Happy Auto’ mobile phone app, which passengers can use to send feedback on the drivers. This will be sent to the police and the driver could earn his vehicle a ‘Smart Auto’ tag. Additional Commissioner of Traffic B. Dayanand said drivers with high scores would be felicitated.

On Wednesday, Kannada film actor Sudeep formally launched the application. Addressing auto drivers in the audience, he said: “Drivers play an important role in building the image of the city. They are the first local residents that a visitor encounters. Their behaviour will give the city a good name. Drivers should treat visitors well, not demand excess fare, and most importantly, not refuse to ply to any destination.”

Police Commissioner Raghavendra H. Auradkar added: “It is the responsibility of drivers to ferry passengers safely to their destinations. Drivers should take care while ferrying women during odd hours.”

Reproduced from The Hindu