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Good driving habits can help you save fuel

Petroleum Conservation Research Association tells us how ‘good driving habits’ van help us save up on fuel.

Beginning with regular maintenance of vehicles, the PCRA recommends keeping the engine healthy, as it can save up to six per cent fuel, as well as regular servicing at every 5,000 kilometres.

Keeping the tyres well inflated, using the recommended grade of oil, and cleaning the air filter regularly are other suggestions from the association.

As for driving tips, the PCRA advocates maintaining speed of 45-55 km per hour, avoiding sudden braking and congested roads, reducing unnecessary luggage in the vehicle, and driving in the right gear.

RK Arora, executive director of the Karnataka State office of Indian Oil Corporation, said it was important to make consumers aware of the need to save fuel, as India does not generate fuel, it can only import it.

"Simple steps such as carpooling, using bicycles or walking for short distances and using public transport whenever possible can be taken. People are critical about price rise, but we also need to correct ourselves by reducing fuel consumption as the prices are not really in our hands," he said.

Reproduced from The Hindu