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Is the city running short of medicines?

Patients in the city are facing an intense deficiency of no less than 886 fundamental crucial pills prompting non-accessibility of almost 4,000 marks of medicine.

Bangalore  has been seeing the lack since June owing to new Drug Price Control Order standards that expedited change in costs of solutions.

The legislature requested a value diminishment (Drug Price Control Order) in 348 particles (parts of pills) that are acknowledged vital and thusly expanded the cost of the non- planned ones.

While a short due date of 45 days was given to the makers to repack the pharmaceuticals - 886 pills - with new costs printed on them, it has been difficult to finish even four months later.

Raveesha from Srirampuram has take her every day measurement of Gardinal, utilised for treating epilepsy. "Each time my prescriptions are over, I need to hunt in no less than several shops as they let me know they are out of stock."

Scientist P Manjunath of Guru Pharmacy said "however there is an interest for prescriptions to be undertaken a regular schedule, we are unable to convey them as the scientists' edge has been lessened." There are similar grumblings from patients about the non-accessibility of these medications, he included.

The medications incorporate those used to treat thyroid, pulse and epilepsy.

Insulin (utilized for diabetes), Gardinal and Eptoin (used to treat pulse), Atorvastin (used to treat cholesterol) and so on, are liable to be distracted in a week's opportunity, as per city-based physicist.

Reduced margin

As per the standards set, scientists should get a 16 percent margin, while in the present scenario they are getting 3.2 percent less.

However, Drug Controller Dr BR Jayashetty denies that problems of this sort exist. “Chemists are business-minded people. You cannot go by their words,” he said adding that if there was any such problem, people should approach the officials.

Reproduced from Deccan Herald