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Underpass being renovated

Many traffic junctions in the city bear a sign board saying that the underpass is presently being renovated. This indicates that the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) understands the importance of pedestrian underpass and is undertaking the renovation of 11 underapsses across the city.

According to KS Krishnaswamy, Chief Engineer, currently, 11 underpasses are being renovated with the work being at different stages of completion.

“New tiles are being laid, the spaces are being washed with acid, the floors are being scrubbed and necessary amenities are being upgraded,” says Krishnaswamy, adding that the BBMP would be recruiting security guards for each underpass.

“Since the tender for security placements had expired, we have called for a new tender. Once that is finalised, the subways will be opened for usage,” he explains.

According to Executive Engineer Raja Manohar, the cost of renovating each underpass has been billed between Rs 50-60,000. “It depends on the length  and the works required to make it attractive,” he says.

"However, the underpass near KR Circle and one near SJP Polytechnic have both been opened. Within a month, all the underpass will sport a new look,” he stressed.

Prior to this, city underpasses were not only poorly ventilated but also badly maintained, posing a risk to pedestrians who used them.

Security guards will play the dual role of not only guarding them but also making sure that no illegal activities occur. They will check on cleanliness too. Most underpasses are yet to be re-opened, as security guards have not been hired.

Reproduced from The New Indian Express
Picture source: www.venkatarangan.com