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Vegetable prices go up due to heavy rain

Consumers have been left with no choice but bemoan that prices of onion have peaked to Rs 70-80 per kg in recent times.

Adding insult to injury, the prices of other vegetables such as beans, from Rs 60 to Rs 100-Rs 110 per kg, capsicum, Rs 40-50 per kg, garlic, Rs 90, potato, Rs 20-25, carrot, Rs 50-60, have all headed northward pinching the already strained pockets of the common man.

With the state witnessing heavy rainfall, it has not only damaged crops but also adversely affected the transportation, putting it totally out of gear.

According to traders, not many transporters are ready to ferry the perishable produce from farms due to inclement weather which take a heavy toll on their transport vehicles.

Agricultural Produce Market Committee’s (APMC) Merchants Association president Shankarappa said onions were being supplied from Hosadurga and Chitradurga districts. But with the two districts experiencing heavy rains, transportation of onions have virtually ceased.

Poor supplies from Maharashtra, also due to heavy rains, is contributing to skyrocketing onion prices. The situation is expected to remain the same for the entire month until the new onion crop arrives in the market.

Source: Deccan Herald