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WiFi hotspots in Bangalore

Whether it’s in a cafe or a hotel or an airport, getting connected is just a smart phone away. Cities across the world have implemented free WiFi access. Bangalore is not falling behind. The city is getting ready to turn it into one giant wireless hotspot.

It’s obvious that it’s the Internet that keeps the world spinning, and access to it is what keeps people moving. Gone are the days when wires and cables connected the world. The era of wireless communication has settled in. We’re talking about WiFi communication. People are always looking for free access to the net. One way to gain this access is to be in a free WiFi zone.

Bangalore has about 200 of them in star hotels, coffee shops, and shopping malls. But now the government in association with Intel has started a project that will spread the wireless mesh all across the city. This includes the metro. So now, commuters can hop on the metro and plug in to the net.

The service will start with MG Road and Brigade Road becoming free WiFi zones. This means, anybody with a laptop could get Internet access not only in a WiFi-enabled hotel or coffee shop, but, even while walking down the street. It can transform the city with homes, offices, schools, shops and public areas getting a broadband service as soon as there is hardware to access it.

The pilot service will be available by the year-end once the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) panel evaluates the network and announces possible expansion plans.

While we’re still waiting for this dream to materialise, check the listing below for a hotspot near you.

WiFi Zones                                Locations
100 Ft. Boutique                        Indiranagar
Hotel Ivory Tower                    MG Road
ITPL                                                Whitefield
KGA                                                Airport Road
The Leela Palace                       Airport Road
The Bombay Stores                  MG Road
Windsor House                          Brigade Road
Iceware                                        Brigade Road
Luncheon Café                           Dickenson Road
St. Marks Hotel                          St. Marks Road
The Capitol Hotel                      Raj Bhavan Road
Prestige Centre Point              Cunningham Road
Bay Leaf                                        Koramangala
Prestige Tudor Court               Lavelle Road
Richmond Hotel                        Richmond Road