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Never Too Small To Be Awesome

Baboosh’s Kids Run puts the fun in funding cancer treatment for kids. Read on to find out how you can be a part.

The kids’ clothing brand Baboosh is celebrating its first birthday and you’re invited. But unlike other birthday parties, the “presents” will go to the underprivileged children at the paediatric oncology wing in the Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre (MSCC).

Baboosh is hosting the Kids Run To Cure Children’s Cancer, which is India’s first ever children oriented marathon. The idea of a kids’ marathon came quite simply to Ayesha Katrak, founder and director of Baboosh. “What do kids do best,” she said, “they run around!”

But the Baboosh Kids Run is more than a ‘run for a cause marathon.’ It’s a daylong carnival, held at the Kanteerva Stadium. Which means jugglers, stilt walkers and sword swallowers will be abound amidst all the running kids. There will also be a plethora of carnival games and activity stalls to keep the young ones busy.

Kids can look forward to an educational interactive space hosted by 123kids.com where they can immerse themselves in simulated spaces and role-play real life careers ranging from baker to toy-maker. For the more zen and artistic at heart there will also be spaces dedicated to child-parent demonstrations in both yoga and dance. The refreshments section will feature more than 15 food stalls.

The marathon itself will be split into two groups. Kids aged 8 to 12 years will take part in a non-competitive run, including obstacle courses, around the stadium’s track. The little ones aged 2 to 7 years will participate in mini-runs like three-legged runs, sack runs, spoon and lemon runs. There will also be parent-children partner runs.

Though the run is not a real marathon, Katrak still wants to maintain the spirit of it. Complementary kits with t-shirts, visors, buttons and key chains will be to the first 3000 participants. Also, Radio Indigo will broadcast the entire event live from the stadium.

Speaking about the Run, Dr Nirupa Bareja, Director of MSMF – MSCOP said, “We are extremely supportive and involved with this event.”

The Baboosh Kids Run goal is to raise funds through the participants. At the same time, the event hopes to foster the spirit of compassion and generosity in the youngest generations proving the brand’s belief that ‘you are never too small to be awesome.’ Since they want the children to be the main contributors, the entrance fee is Rs 500 per child, whereas parents will be charged Rs 100 per adult.

Katrak said that over 50 schools and play centres will be personally invited to the Run. In fact, the institution with the highest level of participation will receive prizes from the sponsors. Corporates and individuals are also welcome to donate at the event.

The Baboosh Kids Run will take place on February 2. You can register for event on their website www.babooshkidsrun.com and facebook page www.facebook.com/babooshkidsrun.

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