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Sublime – Gallery In the Sky

Sublime Galleria, India's first sky gallery, founded by Uzma Irfan, Executive Director –Prestige Group, in 2009, is dedicated to the support and promotion of fine and performing arts. Located in UB City, which is Bangalore's hotspot for fashion, luxury and art, Sublime Galleria provides the perfect setting for the city's art aficionados.

It is a professionally managed, dynamic meeting ground for upcoming artists, art connoisseurs and buyers. Uzma says, “Our artists represent a cross section of styles, media, techniques and forms, which together define the artistic sensibilities that are evolving today.”

Sublime Galleria have displayed works of fine art by artist such as Aditi Babel, Raju Terdal, Aparna Ganesh, Ramesh Terdal, Dnyati Wagh, Elena Renee Pereira and many more. The gallery also showcases digital art and photography by the likes of Aamina Shazi, Alok Utsav, Amit Sharma, Joseph Cairns and Pallon Daruwala, to name a few.

It regularly organises exclusive art pageants featuring the work of upcoming, as well as renowned artists. These shows and exhibitions are well attended by connoisseurs of art and buyers from across the globe, facilitating budding artists in gaining both visibility and commercial success. The Galleria also conducts regular workshops in Art, Music and Theatre, to discover and nurture natural talents.

Apart from its varied events and displays, Sublime also organises regular workshops for children in various creative and artistic fields like music, painting, drama, dance and more. These workshops are conducted by international experts and offer talented kids an opportunity to develop their skills and augment their knowledge in their chosen area of creative expression.
Irfan believes that Fine Art is an integral part of our rich culture and that we should strive to keep this art form vibrant and accessible to society.

She says, “The innumerable variations in medium used by artists today are both fascinating and intriguing to the human eye.”

Sublime has a rich and growing portfolio of fine artists, who have embraced visitors at the gallery with their exquisite exhibits. Works of several artists in photography and digital art too are emboldened by the gallery.

Sublime is on a mission to further the cause of the arts and also sees itself as a dynamic crucible for the next generation to develop and showcase their talent. The Galleria reaches out to upcoming artists and offers them a platform to showcase their talents and make their body of work accessible to the art-loving customers of Bangalore.

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