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The Male Piccata

This is not an innuendo, (nor a trivialisation.)

In Italian, piccata is the male form of the word and piccato is the female form. Piccata, the word, means “larded.” In terms of cooking it is referred to meat or fish that’s sliced and sautéed in a sauce made with lemon, butter and spices.

The French variation of this is called piqué.

Italians make this with veal or swordfish traditionally. The US version is made with chicken. The breast is sliced and flattened with a tenderiser. It is then dredged in flour and browned in butter or olive oil. The pan drippings are then reduced with white wine and lemon juice. Some variations have shallots, capers or garlic added with the lemon. Butter is then stirred into the sauce.

How to eat it? In Italy it is the course served after the pasta course. In the US it is served along with the starch, typically polenta,  rice or pasta.

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