City Features

Toscano in VR Mall and Forum Neighbourhood Mall Is Turning Multi-Cuisine


Following their success with this concept in Chennai, Collage will be launched first in Whitefield, in the Toscano outlets located in VR Mall and Forum Neighbourhood Mall.

How 3 Bangalore Small Businesses Cope With Covid


Without exception, all businesses have had to reimagine a life with coronavirus and revamp their businesses. Bangalore, known as the start-up capital of the country, automatically shows resilience and the imagination of entrepreneurs.

The School Library Project Brings Dr Seuss To Kids Online Through Drama

Education Theatre Workshops

“Dramatime with TSLP” (TSLP refers to The School Library Project) is an initiative of Theatre Professionals, a Mumbai based group that uses theatre to create interesting educational material. The group refer to themselves as the “librarians”, which is an interesting agenda considering the trouble educators must take to compete with other distractions online.

Have More Bangaloreans Adopted Dogs During The Lockdown


Explocity spoke to Bismi Anil of Duma’s Animal Welfare Trust who says there has been an increase in adoptions and most people are opting for Indie pups rather than breeds.

Police Dog Squad Get A Whole New Activity Park


More space was needed for the training and well-being of the dogs besides the need to expand to handle the additional dogs that are in line to be inducted into the force.

Bangalore Musician Melli's New Arabic Release “Habibi”


In conversation with Explocity, Melli talks about the meaning of his name to the meanings hidden in his music. His Arabic influenced song “Habibi” is making waves in India and across the Gulf countries.

Ten Acres Of Love And Care - The Bangalore Police Dog Squad


Off to the side, set in 100 acres of land is a police campus. And in it, is the dog squad - a 10-acre area devoted to the training and handling of the police dogs.

Coronavirus Update: Dogs Do Not Spread Coronavirus, BBMP Will Fine You For Abandoning Your Pet


Many in Bangalore and other parts of the country have begun to abandon their pet dogs in this crisis because of this rumour, Priya Chetty-Rajagopal told Explocity, “this information is not at all true. If anything we are transmitting the virus to our dogs and not the other way around.”

Coronavirus in Bangalore: Police Feed Over 300 Stray Dogs In Lockdown


The lockdown and the closing of the restaurants, particularly street food vendors, has left the hundreds of street dogs without a source for food.