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No Cuisine Too Daunting For These Home Caterers


At the Tradition Kitchen they do home catering for bespoke parties or occasions, health food delivery on a subscription model and more.

Raahi - Fusion Food That Breaks The Mould


The seating and decor rock an old-world charm; intimate spaces mixed with a contemporary semi-outdoor area. You know, like a hip library.

Kaara By The Lake Has Early Success Despite Odds


It is significant to mention the restaurant’s early success. In a very short time, this location has earned the sort of cache to which only older and reputable restaurants can lay claim.

Jan 12 2020

The Inclusive Community Centre - The Studio by LVDS


Cooke Town is one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods and Vijay says it has always been home to people with a literary and intellectual disposition, a bias that epitomises old Bangalore. It is probably the old Bangalore charm that attracts residents to anything cerebral.

5 Things You'll Want To Eat This Christmas In Bangalore

5 Star

Christmas in Bangalore is all about good food, lights and carols. We've complied a list of some of the things you should not miss this season

Madhuri Vijay’s The Far Field Wins Wins A Tata Literature Prize


Only weeks after she won the JCB literary prize she was awarded the Tata Literary prize

Carrie and Miranda Could Eat Cupcakes At Magnolia Bakery Bangalore


Magnolia Bakery launches their first India location in Indiranagar.

Bangalorean Madhuri Vijay's Debut Novel The Far Field Wins Rs 25 Lakh JCB Prize For Literature


The Far Field is a fictional tale of a young wide-eyed and open-minded Bangalorean girl who visits Kashmir and finds herself falling deeper into the vortex of the complex society of the region.