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Do You Need An Essential Services Pass In This Lockdown? How to apply


Coded, tested and released in only three days, the portal has reduced the burden on both the cops and the public.

Nov 01 1998

The Battle For Cubbon Park

Bangalore Civic Heritage

Activist Leo Saldanha on how Bangaloreans saved Cubbon Park

May 01 1996

The Conspiracy To Kill Cubbon Park

Bangalore Civic Heritage

How a concerned citizen, an environmentalist and a judicial activist saved Cubbon Park

Bangalore under lockdown till 1 April

Bangalore Civic

This is an effort to combat the spread of the virus which has affected over 20 people and resulted in one death. The Epidemic Act of 1897 has been invoked with the regulations adapted for Karnataka Epidemic Diseases (COVID 19) Regulations in 2020.

Bangalore Blues by Radha Thomas and Aman Mahajan - A Review

Bangalore Culture Music

Percussionist Ramesh Shotham reviews the latest album by the Bangalore based jazz duo

Curfew Under Section 144 In Bangalore To Keep Hooligans At Bay

Bangalore Civic

Sources claim the move is to prevent law and order problems

Mar 21 2020

“Stay home. Stay safe. Divided, We Live” - Bangalore Police Commissioner Rao on Coronavirus And How The Police Respond

Bangalore Civic Health

Explocity speaks to Bangalore Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao about what he and his department have to deal with.