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Staying Poor in a Rich City


Sep 21 | 6:30 p.m.

Runs till: Sep 21


Bangalore International Centre

Bangalore International Centre (BIC), No. 7, 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

Slums and Informal Work in Bangalore


Supriya RoyChowdhury
Visiting Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Lalitha Kamat
Urbanist, Centre for Urban Policy and Governance, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Anirudh Krishna
Edgar T. Thompson Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, Duke University

Alessandra Mezzadri
Senior Lecturer in Development Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Chandan Gowda
Ramakrishna Hegde Chair Professor of Decentralization and Development, Institute for Social and Economic Change

Global cities are epicentres of rapid advances in technology and trade, wealth and power,
upwardly mobile professional classes keyed into global concepts of living and luxury. This
21st century glitter is often shadowed by the stubbornness of poverty in cities, which
continues to keep alive discussions on making growth equitable.

This discussion based on Supriya RoyChowdhury’s new book City of Shadows: Slums and Informal Work in Bangalore which presents research on what happens to the poor in an economically vibrant and rapidly growing city like Bangalore? Is it a question of time and individual effort before they shift out of poverty, or are there deeply structural features, relating to political economy and policy, that bind the slum communities and working classes to a tough future? How do we think of democracy and the political agency of the poor in this context?

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