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10 "Local" Restaurant Recommendations

South of Bangalore is carbohydrate paradise. South Bangalore's restaurants sport a rich variety of cuisine, mostly centered around grain that has been beaten, flattened, banged and bullied into submission, powdered into a very refined flour and then turned into the most tasty dishes this side of China.

This week we feature this article from a website that features "local" Bangalore restaurants.

Here's FirstFoodie's weekly peeve:

It's hard on the ears when anyone uses the word "local" (or in a fit of poor grammar, "localites"). This is usually the parlance of people from other parts of the country. But most "local" Bangaloreans cannot find a centre to this word; especially when it seeks to generalise the most culturally varied city in the country.

But that did not stop the writer from extending the term to food and this website has deemed that restaurants that serve South Indian snacks are "local" restaurants. Sure. Like Maxim's in Paris - that loveable local joint.

Here's a link to what Bangaloreans have always known: http://explo.in/1DuLQbL. Don't miss the line about CTR: "...got a little bit of jazz" because they covered their tables with Formica and waiter now wear uniforms. Seriously, dudes?