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100 FT Boutique Bar Restaurant Has Fun Weekend Plans

The 100 ft Boutique is nestled quietly on the bustling main road in Indiranagar. The cosy restaurant is located inside. The restaurant has a reputation for being the best spot for a quiet, romantic dinner, but they are having a bit of fun this week with the Oktoberfest.

They are hosting the festival with an interesting offer: For every mug of draft beer that a guest orders, they get two mugs free, and for every bottle of beer, they get a bottle free. There is never enough beer is there? And the menu has a great range of appetizers to go with the beer.

The restaurant also has a great offer on unlimited grills and drinks over the weekend. This paired with live music in the venue makes for a great Friday night. Our recommendations include the grilled baby potatoes, the smoky prawns and the Pork chorizo sausages.

Finish with the perfect chocolate cake.

100 Feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Opp. New Horizon School, Indiranagar, Bengaluru