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A Quintessential Italian Fare @ Crowne Plaza

From a range of vegetarian combinations of the smooth distinct Pesto Pasta, the Alfredo or the Arrabiata with Pizza alla pomodori secchi to the Pizza verde and much more for the vegetarians to the creamy Carbonara sauce, Alfredo with Chicken, Bolognese for the Non-Vegetarians alongside some of the most authentic, rustic tastes in Pizza with Parma ham, Gorgonzola Cheese, Smoked Chicken, to name a few.
Chef Mrunal Uday Dhamaskar picked his favourite from the menu for Explocity, “Osso buco (“hole in bone”) or 'leg of veal’ because it's often expensive, it's something you want to be cooked to the perfection to enjoy its flavor occurring from the meat, which is why it's the perfect method for preparation in the Sous Vide Precision Cooker. Though it takes a long time to cook, it’s well worth the wait! I personally recommend garnishing this sous vide osso buco with Gremolata, a mixture of finely chopped garlic, lemon, parsley and should be served with freshly made creamy mash potato.” Yummy

Crowne Plaza, 43, Electronic City, Bengaluru