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Aamlicious Festival @ Khandani Rajdhani

Throughout the summer, the Aamlicious Festival at Khandani Rajdhani will have a special rotational mango menu. Every meal will have at least 2 to 3 special dishes made from raw and ripe mangoes.

Relish the Kairi Chana Dal Dhokla, the inventive Kairi Samosa Sabzi, lip-smacking Mango Kofta Pulao, exotic Malabari Mango Kadhi and the regional delicacy Mango Pachadi. Evergreen favourites like the Mango Raita, Fajeto and Aamrakhand hold a place of honour. There’s the Mango Jalebi for all those with a sweet tooth. And of course Aamras will remain the highlight of the thali.



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