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Bangalore Is Falling In Love With Wine

Sumedh Singh Mandala,

CEO Grover Zampa Vineyards

  1. Has the Bangalore drinking culture evolved over the years?

Yes I think there has been a huge change in the past five or ten years. Bangalore has always been known for its pub culture, mostly for beer. But slowly we see Bangaloreans loving and appreciating wine, more than other cities even. Our sales have gone by a lot. Which is also why we thought Bangalore would be the perfect place for the The Great Grover Wine Festival 2016.

2. What are some of your fav restaurants in Bangalore?

I am a big fan of Italian. I love Alba at JW Marriott, Feast at Sheraton. Among the stand alone restaurants I love Caperberry and Toscano. Another favourite is pigging out on Indian food. I enjoy Masala Klub at the Taj West End and Kebabs and Kurries at the ITC.

  1. What are some misconceptions about wine?

I think many people drink only for the buzz, and for some reason think that wine does not give them that so they stick to hard liquor. But even though the alcohol content of wine is lower, having a few glasses is customary. I think more people need to be educated about wine and even some of its health benefits.

  1. Which other city is a food destination for you?

I think Mumbai still leads the way. All food trends hit that city  first. And obviously it has an edge over Bangalore when it comes to nightlife. Abroad I love Singapore and Hong Kong.

  1. Do you cook?

I am actually a IHM pass out, so I’m no stranger to the kitchen. BUt now I don't cook as often because I don’t have the time. But I love making some Lamb curry for my family once in a while.

The Great Grover Wine Festival 2016 is on February 06, 2016 at Bhartiya City