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Best Restaurants in the City

Best Restaurants in the City


Being a typical Bangalore girl, this city will always be considered a food haven for me. There has not been a single day it has left me disappointed. I love exploring various parts of the city, checking out all the buzzing places. I will travel for my food.


After moving to Mumbai, I have realised the value of Bangalore restaurants and definitely do miss them a lot. Bangalore’s culinary scene is booming and everywhere you go you will find new places to dine at. Here are a few that have always been close to my heart.


Plan B, Ashok Nagar

Walk into this American themed pub with a couple of friends and you are sure to walk out with a few more. It is the kind of place you would like to unwind after a really long day at work, relaxing with a pint of beer and listening to all the rock hits in the background.  When it comes to food, they have a huge selection of offerings to choose from but when you think of Plan B, only one thing can come to your mind and that is their Chicken Wings. They are to die for and come in different spice levels as per your requirements. My all time favourite would be the Chicken Wings in ABS sauce that takes your taste buds to a whole different level. The kicks you get from those spices leaves you sweating profusely.


Another must try is The Notorious PIG. If you’re a porkaholic like me, you will really enjoy it. It’s got the best of everything!


Hotel Imperial, Residency Road

Looking at this place from the outside, it’s not very inviting and you wouldn’t want to step in but don’t walk away as you will regret it for the rest of your life. Fondly known as Impees, it’s been around for donkey’s years now and has still kept up to its standards. It’s always packed with people and serves rich and oily food only meant for true foodies who don’t have to call their gym trainers the next morning. The flavours and spices you get from almost every dish is impeccable.


Nothing beats their Pepper Bheja Fry which melts in your mouth and their signature Imperial Chicken Kebabs is simply delightful. One must also try the Coin Parathas and Dal Fry. You are in paradise!


Millers 46, Millers Road

Old is gold. Just because there are so many new places opening every day, we should not forget these legendary hangouts that have given us so many good memories and this is one such place that I can keep coming back to. It’s got the whole Wild-West theme going on and the waiters that are dressed up as cowboys, add to the wonderful ambiance.


No doubt! You get the best steaks and sizzlers here. If you’re on a paleo diet, you will go insane! They serve huge portions and the meats are cooked to perfection. My all-time favourite has been the Chateaubriand Big Mama that comes with a lovely rosemary jus and if you’ve got a big appetite then go for The Miller’s Mixed Grill. But however big an eater you think you are, it’s impossible to finish that dish.


Mangalore Pearl, Frazer Town

Being away from the sea, there is always that craving for coastal food and this place is sure to satisfy it. It’s not the most posh place in town but you are sure to indulge in some great, soulful Mangalorean delicacies. Even though my mum is from that region, I always find myself here and never get tired of the food. It’s a very homely place and that is clearly brought out in the kind of food they serve. The thin Neer Dosas that go so well with the rich coconut-based Chicken Rice Curry has always been my favourite pick. Even the seafood choices are fresh and delicious. Another dish you cannot miss out on is the Pork Bafat that bursts with great flavours!


Riya Patel is a food blogger at www.yummyinsidemytummy.wordpress.com and currently a media student. She loves eating out and experimenting in the kitchen as well.