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Breakfast Date With Bangalore

I remember my mom being a magician in the kitchen and my biggest inspiration; I loved watching her prepare delicious and fulfilling meals with such ease. Though cooking had always been a hobby, I only began to take it seriously after getting married and moving to Australia. Now I can happily eat authentic South Indian and Indian cuisines without any hassle.

The craving to South Indian breakfast is always to me when I visit India. Although South Indian food is common all over India, I sometimes feel that the taste of South Indian food is better in Bangalore than any other place. I used to travel to Bangalore from Udupi to visit my aunt place near Basavanagudi during my college vacations. I made sure I visit couple near by vegetarian restaurants. Anyway, I am writing about few of the restaurants I have personally visited and I would like to share my experience.

Taaza Thindi, Jayanagara

Taaza Thindi serves authentic South Indian breakfast. It offers fewer items on the menu but their taste is marvelous. Taaza Thindi has captured many Bangalorean hearts in serving express 'thindi'. They serve just seven items on the menu, a separate counter for each to collect food, eat and go. Concept is so simple to focus on taste. I liked everything here, the taste, the pricing and most importantly the importance to keep everything clean and hygienic. I was even impressed to look at the sophisticated machines they use like dishwasher, dosa batter maker etc. The only negative is to stand in a queue of almost an hour, but definitely it’s worth waiting. This place is usually crowded especially on weekends so be prepared to stand in a queue. But I liked the food, pricing and also cleanliness and hygiene.

Must have- idli, dosa, vada and chowchow bath.

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR), Basavanagudi

Most of my friends live in Bangalore and I had heard a lot about this place. Finally, this December I made up time to pay a visit to MTR and it was completely worth it. I had a nice time with family with a pleasing breakfast. It was bit crowded as I had heard it from my friends. MTR servers typical South Indian food, especially Karnataka cuisines. The taste from tiffin’s to lunch is mind blowing. A filter coffee here is a must after the snacks. They have a very unique taste for all the dish what they prepare. But the ambiance is not so great but the taste makes you forget everything. And the price is also so reasonable. The rava idli with some pure ghee enhances your taste bud. I even love the crispy vada and masala dosa.

Must have- rava idli, masala dosa, filter coffee.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Basavanagudi

As name suggests this is fabulous restaurant where they serve typical South Indian Brahmin house breakfast. If you are looking for a perfect breakfast then you must visit this place. Here you can find steaming hot soft fluffy idlis, crispy vadas, spicy khara bath with enhanced ghee flavors accompanied with chutney. That's all their choice of menu along with their coffee and tea. The taste is irresistible and the idlis are not served with sambar but chutney works amazing. It is light on the stomach and the wallet. The coconut chutney at this place is remarkable.

Must have- Idli - chutney, vada, coffee

Archana Baikadi currently living in Melbourne and is a full time food blogger, photographer and recipe developer at http://hebbarskitchen.com/. She is from a small district of Udupi, Karnataka known to many as the ‘vegetarian hub of Karnataka’. She started to blog, not because she wanted to, but due to a lot of insistence from her husband, Sudarshan.

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