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Burger Festival At Monkey Bar

One of the first gastropubs to open in India, Monkey Bar has sold 10,000 burgers since they first opened. Celebrating their love for burgers, they are hosting a burger festival till December 14.The festival will feature eight burgers, exclusively created for the occasion.

To begin there is a breakfast burger. Called Square Breakfast, it is made of beef patty, rashers, grilled tomato and a sunny side up in a square bun, served with skinny fries and baked beans.

Fans of the hit series Breaking Bad can show their devotion with the Heisen Burger, freshly baked sesame bun with an extra crispy fried chicken breast and spicy sriracha mayo within. Whereas pork lovers can try the Sausage Burger made with home made pork sausage patty, bacon, smoked cheese and honey mustard mayo.

Also on the menu is a Vietnamese style Grilled Chiken Banh Mi burger, made of grilled chicken tenders, pickled salad, bean sprouts, mayo and nam prik sauce. The Seafood Sliders bring an interesting twist to the burger. The patty is made with prawn, crabmeat and fish and served with with old bay mayo and grain mustard sauce.

The burger takes a gourmet turn with the Gastro burger. Lightly smoked beef, mushroom ketchup, aged gruyere, blue cheese mayo, caramelised onions, Dijon mustard in a brioche bun, served with truffle scented fries and slaw. For vegetarians, there is the Go Veg burger, made of a crumb fried spiced potato, carrot, green peas, kidney beans and cheese patty and served with fries and slaw.

Even the dessert is a burger where the French pastry takes the form of a Monkey Bar signature burger - Mini Mobar Macarons,

The burgers are priced at Rs 320 and above. The macarons are Rs 95 for two.