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Chef Ajeet Kumar Brings The Food Of The Nawabs To Bangalore

As any Biryani aficionado will tell you, Biryani is no monolith. The Hyderabadi Food Festival at the Fairfield Marriott Hotel has five types of Biryani on rotation. In an interview with Explocity, Chef Ajeet Kumar, Head Chef of the Fairfield by Marriott explains the various types of Biryani, “ We have the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani of course, available both in veg and chicken. The we have the Kachhe gosht  ki Biryani which is mutton. The Subz Biryani options include the Nizami Subz Biryani and the Subz Angeethi Biryani.”


Phew, as if that wasn't enough the menu features live kitchens that include Haleem, Babri raan, Kakori kebab, Pathar ka gosht, Nalli Nihari, Shikampuri kabab, Lamb Keema khasta chop, Phaldhari Kabab, Tawe ki Machhi, Machli begam Bahar, Khorme ke kebab, Taatee ka godht, Garlay and Ande ka Khageena.

“I am from Lucknow and I’ve always had the passion to learn cuisines of our emperors,” Chef continues. Hyderabadi / Nizami and Lucknowi/awadhi cuisines both are royal cuisines inspired by mughals, Nizams and Nawabs. “There are a lot of recipes and practices which are yet to be revealed and unfolded. I just want to bring out and showcase all those secrets and royal traditional dishes to my guests.”

The menu reflects this passion that chef has. As the popular saying goes “Cooking patiently is the key as slow-cooking is the hallmark of Hyderabadi cuisine”.

The festival is open to guests for dinner only, 7 pm to 11 pm everyday between 21 May to 31 May

Fairfield by Marriott, Rajajinagar, Bangalore