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Food Fetish

Akshay Sundaram

Are you a foodie?
What is your favourite restaurant in Bangalore?
Plan B. Because they have some of the best finger food. The American food has a great Indian touch.
Name your favourite restaurant of all time and where was it?
At Kebab Factory, in Radisson Blu in Chennai. It’s the best place for kebabs you can find. All the food is amazing. Typical indian joint but with amazing dals and breads but that galouti was the best I have ever had.
Tell us about the worst meal you ever had.
My Bar in Koramangala where they gave me raw pork chops and claimed that’s how it is made.
If you have to take your dad out on Father’s Day where will it be?
Plan B hands down. He’s a foodie as well.
He’s the cool sort of dad who has the same tastes as me.
What will you order there?
Wings for sure, nothing beef because my dad doesn’t eat beef, crispy fried bacon, chilli pork.