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Food Fetish

Arun Rao,

Owner, Tangerine, Sizzlers & More


Is Easter a big event for Bangalore restaurants?
Yes, Easter is certainly an event for most upmarket restaurants considering its significance in our multi-cultural environment. Today, like most festive occasions, it is celebrated by all and not restricted to a particular religion.


What has your restaurant planned for Easter?

We've planned something quite elaborate, keeping in mind the significance of the occasion. Featuring scrumptious delicacies and Easter favourites, the indulgent menu has traditional appetisers, main course and desserts. Highlights are ​Mini Lamb Cutlets, Chicken Cordon Bleu Sizzler, Beef ​Lyon​ and more.


Which are your favourite restaurants in the city?

When in the mood for Chinese it is Mainland China or Chung Wah. Otherwise, I'm quite traditional - I like Mangalore Pearl. Adigas for South Indian veg. Sunny's for its eclectic fare.  Tangerine, of course, is my favourite for sizzlers and steaks.


How competitive is the F&B industry in B'lore? What do you do to stay on top?

Very competitive. Our foray into a specialisation i.e. sizzlers and steaks, and in fusion continental, was deliberate. We have also consciously decided to keep our premises stand alone, in less crowded places to ensure customers have ample space for parking. It's, however, the food that's key to success. Take a look at our menu and you will realise that it is unique in flavours and textures to suit most palates.