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Food Fetish

Are you a foodie?
Yes I am.

What’s your favourite cuisine?
I like Chinese, South Indian and North Indian cuisine. I like Biryani, Fried Rice or Kebabs.

What’s the last place that you went to in Bangalore that you really enjoyed? What did you eat there that stood out?
Ebony. It was a different experience. We just had starters, starters starters... and soup. It’s psychological that you need mains or a three course meal to satisfy oneself. Banjara also had great starters.

What’s your favourite dish of all time and where did you eat it?
I used to love mutton but had to reduce my calorie intake so now my new favourite is fish. At the Hyatt I had a really good fish dish. We ordered two fish dishes both were nice. One was Kerala style and other was shallow fried.

If you have to recommend a place to our readers what will it be?
I’d recommend Tandoor for dinner or Nagarjuna for a plantain leaf lunch. Shezan is my favourite. The fried rice is very different.