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Food Fetish

Anisha Raisurana

Where is your an ideal V day dinner?
You say romance, I say Ebony. The view from that 13th floor balcony is breath-taking. Rarely do you get a chance to fully appreciate the organized chaos that defines MG Road. On a chilly Bangalore night, with the intimate single row seating, it makes for the perfect lets-hold-hands-and-stare-deep-into-each-others’-eyes-and-pretend-there’s-no-one-around ambience. I’m a messy eater, and since a V- Day date ideally involves some amount of dressing up, I would order something low fuss like a Lasagne or a Risotto. And maybe pop open a bottle of Chenin Blanc to share with Mr Dateman.

Which pub would u like to go to for a date?
If I’m just getting to know the guy I’d probably suggest a place like Watsons or Plan B: super chill vibe and all probability of awkwardness to be drowned out with beer. If I know the guy well and am comfortable with him, then maybe I’d graduate to the Biere Club or City Bar. And to LIITs.

What's your fav cuisine?
I live away from home, so (apologies in advance for being cliché) - home food.

Which restaurants in Bangalore do you like?
Bheema! On my first visit to Bangalore, my sister took me there, and I have been in love with those meals ever since! That, to me, is the taste of Bangalore. (Yeah yeah I know that’s all Andhra food.)
Ice and Spice on St Marks has a huge soft corner too. Those burgers have spoilt me for all burgers I have had ever since.
Also, of course, The Only Place. Steaks, steaks and more steaks. Nom nom.

What's the most bizarre food you've eaten?
Pizza without cheese. I mean seriously. What is the point?

Most interesting late night snack story?
Not fit for public consumption.

Beloved street food?
Puchka (or gol gappa or water balls or whatever gibberish you call it) ftw!