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Food Fetish With Seema Nath

Seema Nath
Vegetarian in a non-veg world
What’s your favourite hangout?
My current favourite hangout is Church Street Social. But the city has such a dynamic food and nightlife culture so that might change.
What’s your favourite dish?
I love the Pizza Spicy Louisiana at Oliver’s With A Twist! It has a delicious topping of jalapenos, baby corn, mushrooms and bell peppers.
You hate being a vegetarian because...?
I sometimes get stuck with a group of non-vegetarian friends. My non-veg friends claim that they get stuck with a vegetarian. They have to order vegetarian food on my account. And it’s a problem when I travel, especially in South-East Asia.
You love being a vegetarian because…?
Restaurants have started to experiment with food that makes us vegetarians feel included. I tasted something once which had a mince beef texture and taste. It was made entirely of soya granules which had the flavours of a non-vegetarian dish but the goodness and health benefits of vegetarian food.
How would you know “beef texture and taste”?
I used to be a non vegetarian.