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Food Fetish

Rubal Bhandari
Owner, Anybody Can Cook

Which is your fav cafe to hang out in?
I love Truffles. Great food at great prices.
What is the first recipe you ever cooked?
I remember it clearly. When I was in the 5th standard I made Kheer for my maa. I loved the experience.
What would say to someone who doesn't like to cook?
I'm always taken aback when someone says they don't like to cook. Most people I know like to eat, why don't they like cooking? People have the misconception that cooking is time consuming, but actually cooking is fun! Cooking is a stress buster for me it makes me happy. There’s nothing better than the feeling of eating your own cooked food.

How would you convince someone to cook?

I’ll just demonstrate with one of my signature dishes, and show them how easy it is to make. And rest of the job would be done automatically.

Which cuisine is your favourite?
I love Italian.