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From The Banks Of Sattva To Taj West End

Whatever be your dosha, Sattvik food is for you, for sure. The goodness and purity of a Sattvik meal transfers to your being. Hence the phrase, you are what you eat. Sattvik food focuses on pure, organic ingredients. From the holy banks of the Ganges “Sattva” comes to Masala Klub at the Taj West End. Inspired by the Taj Nadesar Palace, Varanasi, the menu is designed to rid you of “Rajas” (agitation) or “Tamas” (destructive or weakness.)
From The Gateway Hotel Ganges in Varanasi, Chef Meghnath Saha created a pure menu and taught it to the Chef at Taj West End. The menu is supposed to induce “prana”, make you feel more energetic and positive according to old yogic and ayurvedic practices. In Sattvik cooking the ingredients are key but the flavours don’t need to be neglected. This is seen in their dishes like Chawal Ki Bhajiya, Samose Ki Chaat, Kaddu Chane Ki Subzi, Benarasi Handi Dal, Baingan Kalaunji, and Milijuli Tehari. Sweets on the menu are Long Latika and Makhane Ki Kheer.
The menu that cleanses the body and soul is available from 1 to 12 October, 2016. The lunch is priced at Rs 1800 and dinner at Rs 2200 inclusive of all taxes.
At Masala Klub, Taj West End.