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Glasshouse Has A New Menu And It's Very Bangalore



The folks at Glasshouse on Lavelle Road have revamped their entire menu. The romantic restaurant on Lavelle Road is known for its beautiful interiors. Chef Tarang Joshi has mixed up local Bangalorean influences and given the classic menu a seasoned edge. “I wanted the menu to have a strong local character hence these changes were conceived,” Chef told Explocity.

The classic tomato soup for instance, is thick but spiced with a hint of Rasam spices. “It does not actually taste of rasam, but we love the little zing,” Chef adds. Similarly the Pork chops have a it of tamarind in it and are served with sanans.

The other mains include Moroccan spiced Grilled Chicken, WIld Mushroom Risotto and the very special Spice Roasted Fillet of Mahi Mahi. They are also well known for their pizzas. Some of our recommendations for toppings would be Forest Mushrooms, walnuts, Teriyaki chicken or Prosciutto.

Desserts are dramatic. The Creme brulee is flambeed right on the table and you can roast marshmallows on it too, in case you were missing the chilly weather.

The Glasshouse, Lavelle Road, Bangalore