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Global Grills At Polo Club At The Oberoi

At the Polo Club Bar at Oberoi, winter is welcomed with a new promotion: Global Grills. The al fresco Polo Club now has live grills to bring in the cool, Bangalore winters.
Polo Club Bar at the Oberoi has a combination of outdoor and semi-indoor seating. The outdoor seating is in the English County styled garden. The other seating is under the covered terrace that also overlooks the garden. The Polo Club Bar is supposed to replicate the colonial clubs with its leather seating and brass fittings that have the style of a colonial cabin in the clubs of yore.
Through November, Friday and Saturday evenings are for live grills. Meats, vegetables, seafood and fish are grilled with fresh, global marinades.
The bar serves up its usual mixes that can accompany the grills this season.
At Polo Club Bar, Friday and Saturday evenings at The Oberoi.
Image source: Obroihotels.com