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“I Remember Going for Picnics on the Lakes of Kashmir With My Father”


Virender Razdan
Area Manager-ITC Hotels Bengaluru
How would you like to celebrate Father's Day?
I am fortunate to have my Father with me and so we have two
generations. Every year my father gets treated by me and I get treated by my two daughters. We celebrate Father's Day as a family at home when I use my culinary expertise. It goes without saying having two daughters I get pampered a lot by three ladies at home.

Which are your favourite restaurants in the city to visit with your
Of course, the ITC Hotels. The Legendary Royal Afghan at the ITC
Windsor and Edo for Japanese Cuisine there is no other place which serves better Japanese cuisine than Edo. My younger daughter vouches for that for sure. Then of course we all love Shiro's and SodaBottleOpenerWala.

Any great memories with your Father from your childhood?
Yes, I remember going for long picnics to the lakes of Kashmir onto the foothills of the mountains to the Mughal Gardens; undoubtedly the paradise on Earth. And for long picturesque rides on his Bullet.

Is it tough to manage family life with a busy work schedule?
At times it does get tough but in today's world one needs to learn how to strike a balance between family and work. Fortunately I have found the balance.

What is an ideal Sunday with the family?
Spending quality morning time with my family and afternoon golf with my younger daughter followed by a delicious home made culinary spread and an ice-cream evening out with my family.