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Italian Chef Armando Di Filippo Loves The Biryani In Bangalore

Chef Armando Di Filippo

Italian Chef de Cuisine at Mövenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore.


Chef de Cuisine, Italian, Armando di Filippo invites his guests to try a new concept. At Mezzaluna, the guests will not get to choose from a set menu instead go by the expert suggestion of the master of Italian food. Explocity caught up with Chef.

1. Name your favourites from the menu.

1- I would definitely choose the home-made pasta. To begin with ravioli, we stuff it with spinach, chicken, lamb and pumpkin with variety of sauces to pair and thus we renew a pleasant experience of enjoying a genuine dish each time we prepare. The menu also offers extensive choices for every taste and need.

2. What is the best wine and food combo?

2- Personally I do not think you can give a nomination for wine pairing, it is really very subjective and requires a good knowledge of world wine scene. But I venture to suggest young wines with fresh aromatic notes that can easily be paired with meat or vegetarian dish. Wine is a cultural experience and should be approached with an open mind and a desire to understand and enjoy!

3. How do you like Bangalore? 

3- Bangalore offers an enviable climate, here it is perpetually spring! The services are easily accessible and the friendly population makes it easy to settle down. The city is growing fast and definitely needs efficient infrastructure that can consecrate among the best cosmopolitan cities. I love biryani, this dish never fails and also easy to find in the restaurants of the city. The fragrance and explosion of smells and flavours well mixed, is really an excellent.

4. What is an Italian dish from back home that you miss here?

4- Here a large part of Italian products are available. It does not lack the daily foods such as fresh breads, great choice of salads and lettuces that never fail on our tables, but many good flavours are present here in India so that nostalgia is not much overwhelming.