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JW Kitchen Makes a Mean Meen Curry

If you want to have something brawny, head to JW kitchen at JW Marriott, where they are taking the festival of Onam as an opportunity to celebrate all things Kerala. The chefs have prepared a hand crafted menu with all the coastal favorites.

Instead of going the traditional Sadhya route JW is bringing out dishes like Meen Pollichathu - exquisite fish marinated in Kerala spices cooked to perfection in a banana leaf and Erachi Ularthiyathu - beef cubes seared in a pan marinated with fresh ground pepper and married with flavours of coriander, cinnamon and bayleaf,
There is a rich heritage of God’s own country, and the best thing to do is to indulge in the delectable spread of Malabar cuisine and varied flavours of Kerala.

Some of the other traditional dishes are Olan - a culmination of ash gourd with black beans in a coconut milk gravy, Kappa Vevichatu – scrumptious tapioca flavoured with coconut and traditional tempering, and Kaikari Avial all served with the delicate flavours of coconut rice.
JW KItchen, JW Marriott, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore